a method whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another

Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.) where a surrogate is contracted to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of the genetically link parents then return the baby to the intended parents once the baby is born.

 In order to help make your dreams of starting a family come true, IVF-Surrogacy offers both gestational and traditional surrogacy options. The surrogacy programs we offer encompass surrogate selection, medical procedures and legal services designed specifically for intended parents based upon client wishes and medical recommendations. To start a family is a decision filled with love, inspired by hopes and dreams. For married couples who want to have children but are unable to conceive using the traditional method, surrogacy can provide a wonderful solution. For women who don’t have a uterus or who have medical restrictions that could be complicated by carrying a pregnancy, and men who are affected by medical and genetic restrictions, surrogacy is a viable alternative for those who would like to have genetic offspring.

Because choosing a surrogate is a daunting process, IVF-Surrogacy is an agency dedicated to helping you navigate this complex world. We take all the guesswork out of the process of choosing a surrogate who is age-appropriate, physically and emotionally healthy, and is legally as low-risk as possible. We also make sure to help you choose a viable surrogate who has been pre-screened for illnesses like hepatitis and HIV. Our screening process for all surrogates is highly regulated and selective. Surrogate candidates must meet specific medical, physical and psychological requirements prior to being considered a viable participant for our selected programs. In addition to this selection process, surrogacy laws vary widely from country to country, and so it is important to choose an agency with a proven track-record of success. Our legal services are conducted by practicing attorneys that specialize in medical surrogacy, embassy regulations and international citizen law. With all our offered reproductive programs, your child is genetically and legally considered the child of the married couple whose embryo was transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother. Our programs selected by clients, under the medical recommendations of doctors and fertility experts, ensures that the necessary legal processes encompass this method of treating infertility.

Our clients look to use surrogacy to start families for several reasons, and often, their search leads to additional queries resulting in questioning if surrogacy is right for them. To help in this process, we have identified general indicators that may assist in this decision process. General signs which indicate a surrogacy program may be needed for your and spouse include: Loss of uterus, compromised cavity or cervix, diseases in the father or mother that could be genetically transmitted to a child or may threaten the life of the mother during pregnancy, multiple unsuccessful attempts at reproductive procedures such as IVF, and severe somatic diseases. These various examples may be a strong indication that a married couple should consider a surrogacy program.

The surrogate programs offered by IVF-Surrogacy are conducted out of the Mother and Child medical center located in Kiev, Ukraine. Surrogate programs generally include the following process: choosing a surrogate, preparation of reproductive material, surrogate mother medical examinations, medical preparation of the surrogate mother, carrying out an IVF program, observation and appointments during the pregnancy, and medical procedures that coincide with the birth of your child. Surrogate program costs are determined by the Mother and Child reproductive medical centers. All payments for a recommended surrogacy program are made directly to Mother and Child. For United States clients, IVF-Surrogacy is the primary contact for all questions, updates and resources clients require for the duration of a selected surrogacy program. Assigning an in-country representative affords advantages to intended parents during the entire program. Examples of this service includes: facilitation of contracts, preparation for medical meetings and consultations, surrogate selection, transport logistics of reproductive material, progress reports, travel plans and lodging, and assistance in legal services. IVF-Surrogacy assists intended parents throughout the duration of a selected program by offering uncompromised service and support to see intended parents take their child home.

Conducting surrogacy programs in an ethical manner is one of the highest priorities for IVF-Surrogacy. The question of ethics for surrogacy procedures is strictly adhered to based upon the ruling of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). This Society regards surrogate motherhood as a morally acceptable method for the treatment of infertility in married couples. The programs offered by IVF-Surrogacy adhered to not only the ESHRE, but also the ethical and medical moral conduct rulings of Mother and Child reproductive medical centers. Ultimately, the choice to use surrogacy is one that can only be answered by you and your spouse. If you determine surrogacy is right for your future family, or if you want additional information, contact us.
Let IVF-Surrogacy help you start a family and make your dreams come true.

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