Oocytes Donation

When a woman's oocytes are deficient, unhealthy, IVF procedures have been unsuccessful, or there is a significant risk of transmitting a disease to a child, oocyte donation is highly recommended. 

Our process is straightforward. Egg donation is a great place to begin when there are questions about the overall health of a prospective mother’s oocytes. The process IVF-Surrogacy and Mother & Child employs is very straightforward. Egg donors must pass an initial screening, and then a more invasive medical screening process. After the legal paperwork is finished, a calendar is created to help the donating female consistently take a series of hormones to stimulate egg production within her ovaries. Usually, hormones are administered everyday via an injection into the thigh or stomach area in this process. After approximately two weeks of prescribed hormone injections, overseen by a doctor, the donor progresses to follicle stimulating hormones. Once the eggs reach a specific size, the mature eggs will then be retrieved from the donor’s body during a medical retrieval procedure. Once retrieved, the next step in this process involves fertilizing the oocytes with the husband or donor sperm. The desired embryos are transferred to the surrogate and all remaining embryos are cryopreserved for future IVF procedures.

The selection process for donor oocytes that our medical partner Mother and Child developed, and implements is a highly regulated process. This process determines the legitimacy of donors for reproductive treatments. In order for a donor to be considered, specific requirements must be met. An oocyte donor must be between 20 to 30 years of age, have previously had to least one healthy child born to her, and cannot have any bad health habits. Donor candidates who have chronic as well as genetic diseases are not considered. The assessment of the overall health of every oocyte donor also includes screening for hepatitis B and C, HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. Hormonal screenings and background assessments also take place in order for a donor candidate to continue with the process by undergoing a consultation with a geneticist, reproductive therapist, and psychologist. Once all criteria for a donor is met, only then is the donor considered acceptable and accepted into the donor-ship program.

The donation process that IVF-Surrogacy offers clients is completely anonymous. This information is regarded as closed in that the only parties with this knowledge are the clients, reproductive specialist, embryologist and your doctor. Clients who choose a donor from a carefully selected panel can take comfort in the knowledge of this guarantee. Donors are selected based upon medical recommendation. The only exception to this anonymous program is if a relative or acquaintance of the intended parents acts as a donor. Additionally, the donor selection process is guided by medical reproductive experts to assist clients choose donors that have similar phenotypic attributes of the genetic parents. By using this donor process, the IVF programs that are offered are much more effective than traditional IVF programs that are not specific to IVF-Surrogacy and Mother and Child. The cost of the programs we offer clients is reasonable and acceptable. To learn more about the costs of the programs offered by IVF-Surrogacy, please refer to the Price and Service Program link below. We stand ready to provide you with all the information needed to help you on your way to parenthood.

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