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Blog: International Surrogacy is a Viable Option

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Medical reproductive technologies continue to develop and excel in finding treatments for a wide array of congenital, treatment induced, and environmental causes of infertility. Choosing a reproductive medical center that not only has a proven track record of success, but more importantly, a level of proficiencies in applying these fertility breakthroughs, should be at the forefront of every perspective parent’s mind. Traditionally, intended parents seek medical guidance from a trusted practitioner or health care provider, yet most do not have the expertise specifically to treat infertility. Additionally, referrals to reproductive specialists leave many intended parents seeking options from narrowly focused resources. The recognition of global surrogacy options, with the help of trusted medical centers, allows many United States Citizens seeking infertility treatments abroad. Specifically, in the country of Ukraine. These opportunities may allow for superior medical treatment options, but without proper advocacy, intended parents are left to negotiate their way through cultural, legal and medical obstacles.

In addition to navigating foreign cultures and medical standards that can be less than ideal, the need to attribute value to all individuals involved with a surrogacy agreement, such as the parents, surrogate and developing child, the humanity for intended parents often is lost altogether when confronting citizenship issues. Facing off against government agencies, in an attempt to comply with both foreign and domestic legalities, regardless of the diligence intended parents preform in ensuring citizenship and legal requirements are met, the complex maze of paperwork, legal statues and financial obligations prevent most US Citizens seeking surrogacy options abroad in taking advantage of all viable options available. Commonly, the restriction of services for intended parents force most to choose from more expensive and limited options closer to home. Advocacy for surrogacy abroad has been hit and miss, particularly within countries who do not possess established humanitarian rights laws designed to prevent these complications. Fortunately, due to demand for more strict and regulated practices, surrogacy abroad is becoming easier to navigate, with the appropriate medical partner.

IVF-Surrogacy, a globally recognized member of the IVF-International Group, partners exclusively with Mother and Child medical reproductive centers in Kiev, Ukraine. Not only is our group a recognized global leader in the practice of assisted reproductive technologies but are renown for the state-of-the art technologies and accolades that the Doctors and medical staff have achieved and continue to attain.  Specializing in Invitro fertilization, endoscopic gynecology, gynecology and pregnancy care, the addition of urology and andrology, and our maternity school enable us to provide international clients with every viable option to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. We incorporate an all-encompassing approach to the treatment of infertility including laboratory diagnostics which allows us to perform complex medical procedures and investigations, in addition to offering all clients psychological support if required. International clients take comfort in the knowledge that our expertise in reproductive medical procedures is match with the international citizenship and law reputation that we have earned. Client advocacy is key not only to the success of the intended parents we help, but in ensuring that our medical centers continue to provide service that exceed internationally recognized standards. Being a leader as a scientific institution specializing in infertility treatments, our mission is to help those couples who have face the terrible diagnosis of infertility and make their dream of becoming parents a reality.

Please share in the dreams of others becoming parents,

~ Robert Eastman


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