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Welcome to IVF-Surrogacy

IVF-Surrogacy is an exclusive United States based partner with the IVF-International, Mother and Child network of reproductive health clinics located in Kiev, Ukraine. Having a designated in-country agent for clients in the United States, we provide surrogacy and reproductive programs for prospective parents at affordable rates, as well as other supportive services. With a global team of reproductive medical specialists, IVF-Surrogacy offers uncompromised affordable solutions to meet all your surrogacy needs. IVF-Surrogacy agents and the specialists of Mother and Child medical centers take tremendous care in meeting the reproductive requirements of each married couple. In addition to ensuring the psychological comfort of every client, respect and confidentiality are our highest priority.

Our partnership developed over the course of several years resulting in the cultivation of specific programs based upon a comprehensive understanding of client needs, the hardships that infertility has on intended parents, and the reproductive medical technologies that Mother and Child has developed and continues to expand upon. Our shared goal is to offer the opportunity to achieve parenthood, not just for married couples within the Ukraine, but for wives and husbands struggling to achieve their dream of parenthood in many different countries. Having secured an exclusive partnership to offer state-of-the art reproductive technologies and surrogacy services to United States Citizens, IVF- Surrogacy and Mother and Child medical reproductive centers proudly offer several infertility programs to our clients residing in the United States. Our global surrogacy programs are not limited to generic pre-developed programs, but rather can be adapted to the unique individual challenges our clients face when combating infertility. It is this ability to develop specifically individualized programs that demonstrates the commitment and superior reproductive medical techniques that has earned us numerous accolades and awards in the health fields of reproductive medicine. To learn more about how our exclusive partnership can assist in deciding on the right surrogacy program for your future family, contact us today. 

IVF-Surrogacy is a recognized organization by the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine

Our exclusive partnership with the IVF-International, Mother and Child network of reproductive health clinics not only offers couples access to state-of-the-art programs and infertility treatments, but also is recognized by the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine. This recognition, through our exclusive partnership, ensures that intended parents can, in full confidence, trust our specialists and staff to assist with the infertility programs we provide. Our organization is recognized in our compliance with the international regulations regarding surrogacy programs, and the strict code of medical conduct, confidentiality and regulations governing Ukrainian/United States surrogate agreements. We encourage all couples seeking to learn more about this and other important documentation to consult the U.S. Embassy website involving (A.R.T.) Assisted Reproductive Technology. IVF-Surrogacy employees and the specialists of Mother and Child medical centers take great care to ensure that international compliance with all regulations are of the upmost priority and remains compliant and current with every program we offer. For more information fill out and submit an inquiry form or contact us today.